Gentler Sleep Solutions


How it Works

Like many parents, sleep can be a never-ending power struggle with no end in sight. 

You feel you have tried everything to get your child to sleep. You’ve read all the books and taken all the well-managed advice from family, friends and doctors but nothing worked. 

If you’re like many parents, wondering how you can get your child to sleep through the night, working with a Gentle Sleep coach® might be the ideal solution.

A Simple, Gentle and Proven Method

The Gentle Sleep technique, developed by Kim West LCSW-C,The Sleep Lady®, has helped more than 1,000,000 families world-wide to go and stay asleep and can help yours too.

As a Certified ‘Gentle Sleep Coach®’, I will carefully listen to your story, assess the root cause of your child’s sleep challenges while respecting your parenting philosophy and working with you in a non-judgmental way. Whether you are breastfeeding, co-sleeping or room-sharing we can find a strategy that will work for you without leaving your child to cry alone. 

Together we will create a plan tailor-made for your child based on your family’s values, needs and goals and through consistent, loving, responsive and patient reinforcement your child will learn to put himself to sleep.

I work with infants, babies, toddlers and children from 6 months up to 6 years of age.

Sleep coaching sessions can be delivered in person—in my office, or remotely — by phone, Skype or Zoom. Follow-up support is also available by phone.

Give your Family the Gift of Sleep 

The process.


We will have a FREE 20 minute consultation where you can SHARE your story, questions and worries with me and learn more about how I work. I cherish these calls as a first step to connect with each other!


Once you feel ready to get on board, BOOK your one-to-one consultation with me.


I will SEND you a Contract Agreement and a detailed form with many questions about your child’s sleep history. This is a great way for me to dive deep into understanding your family’s unique situation, dynamics and goals.
This is to be completed and returned back 5 days prior our initial consultation.


We will MEET in person in my office or remotely —Skype or Zoom, depending on your preferences.

I ask detailed questions to get a solid picture in my mind of every detail related to your child’s sleep and together we will create a plan that is customized to your family’s specific needs and goals that you feel comfortable with.

If you are located outside Brussels or in another country we can arrange to have it via Skype, Zoom or telephone.


I will SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE and COACH you through the process from beginning to end- for night sleep and naps!

After you consistently apply what we discussed, your child will be able to SLEEP through the night!
And so will you!!